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JATO Aviation, founded in 2004, has built a reputation as a premier on-demand private air charter service. We specialize in turboprop and piston aircraft, providing our client’s access to more locations at an affordable cost.

Service to all west coast destinations from the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a choice of aircraft to best suit your needs, including the large-capacity Pilatus PC-12 NG or the short-range and affordable Cirrus SR22T.

Our aircraft are maintained to the highest maintenance standards and are flown by experienced pilots with thousands of safe flying hours.

We would love to show you our superior level of service for your next trip.

JATO Flight Operations Team

April Gafford

April Gafford

CEO/Chief Pilot

April brings years of Aircraft Charter and Flight school experience to JATO Aviation. As our Chief Pilot and CEO, she has over 4000 hours as pilot in command time. April founded JATO Aviation in 2004 with the goal of creating a better way to train pilots based on a standardized training structure. She ensures that our part 135 air charter operation is performing to the highest safety standards with every flight. She knows what it takes to ensure your charter trip will be perfect.
Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Director of Operations

Mark started flying in High School and has been a pilot for over 53 years.  A recipient of the FAA’s Master Pilot Award, he has over 15,000 hours of flight time.  He spent 27 years in the Air Force flying B-52’s and RC-135’s.  After retirement from the Air Force, Mark flew as a charter pilot in the San Juan islands until he started a charter company in 2003 with the PC-12.  He continues his association with aircraft charter as the Director of Operations for JATO Aviation, LLC.  With over 4000 hours in the PC-12, Mark provides the JATO pilots with the best in training and customer support.
Quela Ransom

Quela Ransom

Flight Operation

From bookings to dispatch, Quela works behind the scenes to ensure your flight is ready when you want to fly. She knows the ins and outs of flying and what it takes to prepare an aircraft for a trip. Quela also works our flight school operations and has an extensive background in private air charter

Our experienced pilots

JATO Aviation Charter pilots are experienced and highly trained for safety. They have logged thousands of hours in the air and are certified to fly Cirrus aircraft. JATO Aviation pilots are also experts in Cirrus aircraft and are familiar with the latest safety features.

JATO Aviation Charter pilots are committed to providing their passengers with the safest possible flight experience. They follow all FAA regulations and are constantly trained to stay up-to-date on the latest safety procedures. JATO Aviation Charter pilots are also equipped with the latest technology, including GPS, autopilot, and weather radar.

In addition to their experience and training, JATO Aviation Charter pilots are also Part 135 certified. Part 135 certification is the highest level of safety certification for charter pilots. It requires pilots to meet strict training and experience requirements, and it also requires them to follow strict safety procedures.

The Cirrus SR22T is your personal private aircraft

Cirrus SR22T

Fast and cost-effective for you and someone special for weekend getaways.

Go in style in our efficient Cirrus SR22T aircraft. Our dedicated Flight Support team is ready to make your private air charter experience is perfect. In fact, our aircraft are serviced by leading, factory-authorized maintenance facilities, and our pilots have years of experience. As a result, you'll Fly in comfort and arrive at your destination safely and efficiently.

JATO Aviation is an FAA-licensed Part 135 air charter operation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We fly the Cirrus SR22T to all West Coast destinations.  We also set the safety standard with our structured JATO Aviation flight training center.

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